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Fractional Chief Product Officer

 Dr. Jay Spence works with several companies as a fractional Chief Product Officer (CPO) from between several days per week to as little as a few hours per month. Fractional CPOs work on a for-hire, part-time basis, also known as fractional work. 

Product Design & Go-to-market Strategy

Review of your current products or portfolio. Evaluate obstacles to growth. Design of product vision (short to long-term product map/plan) with a clear description of how to follow the plan. 

Team Cohesion & Team Management

Using my background as a psychologist, I can evaluate team communication and cohesion. Building healthy communication channels with the goal of high cohesiveness and mutual support.

Product Mentoring

I have extensive experience in coaching juniors through to executive level staff. I can offer product guidance and career growth for team members.

KPIs and Execution Approaches

Examination of the product lifecycle, available staffing and staffing gaps. Creation of KPIs for the product team. Frameworks for collaboration with technical teams.

Product Sales & Advocacy

Having built out a full sales team and worked in sales teams in Australia and US, I can slot into your sales team as a subject matter expert to improve close rates and/or redesign your entire sales ops or sales + marketing ops approach.

Deep Expertise in Digital Mental Health

I have a PhD in digital mental health treatments, started and exited from a startup in the space and worked at executive levels in mental health in Australia and US. I speak with customers fortnightly and keep up to date with the cutting edge of mental health internationally.

What Our Clients Say


Vikas Dogra, CEO, Jobfit

"We engaged Jay as a part-time Chief Product Officer for the development of a new mental health product for Jobfit. Jay has a deep understanding of market trends and user needs and developed a strong strategy to match our objectives. Jay excels at communication and consistently included others and fostered creativity and openness. He is a strong innovator and was able to deliver a a market leading product. Finally, he has a strength in product marketing and sales and helped to drive both product positioning and sales execution. I'd highly recommend him for any senior or executive product role."
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