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Our Parnters

Dr. Jay Spence partners with several highly experienced management consultants and data professionals to deliver larger projects. 

Capability Statement

Core Competencies:

Understanding of the Australian mental healthcare landscape, with specific insights on private hospital and primary care groups including policy and procedures, treatment models (inpatient and outpatient), occupancy rates and staffing requirements. Understanding of emerging models of diagnosis and care including high risk claims identification using AI/ML, biomarkers of mental illness, hybrid digital and in-person mental health treatments, evidence-based collaborative care best practices and stepped care approaches. 


Problem We Solve:

Helping clients navigate the complex mental health industry landscape, decipher market trends, and formulate effective go-to-market strategies. Our expertise lies in identifying opportunities to expand patient access while minimising cost exposures, fostering business growth through innovative partnerships, and delivering market expansion in key segments.


Main Ways We Support Customers:

  • Strategy Development: We provide credible data science to reveal market opportunities and strategic recommendations tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

  • Operational Execution: If required, we actively partner with our clients to execute strategies alongside their teams, ensuring seamless implementation and success.


Previous Customers:

  • Our strategic partnerships have successfully collaborated with leading organisations, including but not limited to Ramsay Healthcare, Genesiscare, BGI, Sonic Healthcare, Partnered Health, and APM Employment Services.


Key Customer Projects:

Large Australian Allied Health Services Provider - Mental Health Services Go-to-Market Strategy:

  • Identified a viable path to market in the USA.

  • Enhanced executive team understanding of digitalization frameworks for mental health services.


National Mapping Project for Pharmaceutical Product Delivery:

  • Established a partnership for patient access to a novel pharmaceutical delivery method.

  • Delivered a go-to-market model aligning with a global private health group.

  • Improved access to facilities for patients and enhanced contractual negotiations.

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